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  • Solemn Statement
    Time:2021-05-12 Browse:428
    Recently, our company found that there are criminals illegally using the "C.LBE" 
    brand to sell "C.LBE" brand circuit breakers and related products to the public. Among them, 
    the products used in a 100MW solar photovoltaic power generation project in Kazakhstan 
    were counterfeit "C.LBE" brand products of Linbai Electric, which brought bad influence and 
    loss to Linbai Electric and users. Hereby, Linbai Electric solemnly declares as follows:
    1. Zhejiang Linbai Electric Technology Co., Ltd is the sole legal user of the trademark 
    2. Zhejiang Linbai Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is the only operator of "C.LBE" brand in 
    the world;
    3. It is illegal for "C.LBE" brand to sell or publicize without authorization or 
    permission of Zhejiang Linbai Electric Technology Co., Ltd., Linbai Electric will take legal 
    action to protect its rights in accordance with the law;
    4. Customers purchasing "C.LBE" brand products, please contact Linbai Electric 
    directly or go to the designated agent (distributor) to purchase.
    If you find false publicity, illegal operation of "C.LBE" brand products, welcome to the 
    electricity or E-mail us; If the case is true, Linbai Electric will give a generous reward.
    Thank the general public for their attention and support to "C.LBE" brand!
    Zhejiang Linbai Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

    May 12 2021