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  • New patent certificate of CLBDPHUS-400 Disconnector Switch
    Time:2021-09-01 Browse:521
    Our CLBDPHUS-400 Disconnector Switch has received another new patent certificate
    The product is used in solar system,the voltage can reach 1500VDC;the mechanism of the product move fast, breaking the contact quickly;and the category is DC21B PV-2.
    Assemble conveniently,its wiring and operation tools are not in a direction;All wiring operations are in the same direction,improve tool usage,reduce the product of occupied space,and the product replacement and maintenance is more convenient.(similar product wiring and operation tool are in the same direction, occupy large space,the assemble is not convenient).

    This switch has the advantages of small size, short arc extinguishing time, simultaneous operation of multiple sets of contacts, etc. The product can be used in photovoltaic systems with a rated voltage less than 1500V and below and a rated current below 400A.

    In use of the wiring, it is no DC polarity requirements,the power pole and load pole can be arbitrarily selected according to their own requirements.