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  • Linbai Electric——1500VDC isolating switch
    Time:2019-12-10 Browse:1323
    Linbai Electric——1500VDC isolating switch
    CLBDPHUISO series DC load isolating switch (hereinafter referred to as the switch) is the introduction of international advanced technology, absorption, digestion and improvement of Linbai Electric. This product has international advanced level. It is an ideal replacement product among similar products.
    Switches are widely used in power distribution systems and automation systems in solar photovoltaic, railway, construction, power, petrochemical and other industries.
    Modular design structure, flexible and diverse combination, made of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated engineering plastic shell, high dielectric performance, protection ability and reliable operation safety.
    The operating mechanism is a spring accumulating and instantaneous release acceleration mechanism, and the double breakpoint contact structure is instantaneously turned on and off. It has nothing to do with the speed of the operating handle. It has a variety of structures and operating methods. There are direct observation of the on / off state of the contacts. There are operations inside the cabinet, outside the cabinet, and behind the cabinet.
    Because the direct current does not have the characteristics of zero crossing, its arc extinguishing is more difficult than the alternating current. Therefore, the CLBDPHUISO DC switch has this characteristic by designing a unique arc extinguishing device and increasing the opening distance to facilitate arc extinguishing of the DC system.
    CLBDPHUISO DC switch is beautiful in appearance, novel, concise, small in size and full in function. It is an ideal choice among similar products.