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  • Large-scale application of solar photovoltaic 1500VDC system
    Time:2020-04-09 Browse:856
    For the first time, the 257 MW photovoltaic power generation project of Fu An Hua Hui in Vietnam was successfully connected to the grid. All the 1500V container-type inverter step-up integrated solutions were used to successfully achieve the acceptance from design, construction to grid connection. The project is located in Huahui Town, Fuhua County, Phu An Province, Vietnam, and it belongs to the central and southern coastal areas. Taking into account the local geographical environment and the economics of the project, the project customer finally chose the 1500V container-type inverter boost integrated solution.
    Reliable solution
    In the demonstration photovoltaic power station project, customers have strict requirements on construction and product quality. The installation capacity of the project on the DC side of the project is 257 MW, which is made up of 1032 sets of 1500V DC combiner boxes, 86 sets of 1500Vdc 2.5MW centralized inverters, 43 sets of 5MVA medium voltage transformers and containerized integrated solutions for ring network cabinets, making it easy Installation and commissioning can shorten the construction cycle and reduce system cost.
    1500V solution brings together "big technology"
    The 1500V container-type inverter boost integrated solution has the characteristics of 1500V, large square array, high capacity ratio, high-power inverter, integrated inverter boost, etc., which reduces the cost of equipment such as cables and junction boxes. Reduced initial investment costs. In particular, the high capacity ratio design effectively improves the overall boost line utilization rate, and sets a reasonable capacity ratio through active over-provisioning to make the system LCOE optimal.
    The 1500VDC solution is used in photovoltaic projects of more than 900MW in Vietnam. Vietnam Fu An Hua Hui 257MW photovoltaic project is the largest single photovoltaic power station project. As the first batch of new energy demonstration projects in Vietnam, after the project is put into operation, it will optimize the power structure of Vietnam, ease the power shortage problem in southern Vietnam, and promote economic and social development in Vietnam Of great significance.