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LYD-40 Surge Protective Device

LYD-40 Surge Protective Device

LYD-40 Surge Protective Device
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Features · Protecting low-voltage consumers'installations against indirect lightning discharges · High performance varistor with thermaldisconnection tripping device · Plug-in module/base design facilitatereplacement of a failed module withou



· Protecting low-voltage consumers' installations against indirect lightning discharges

· High performance varistor with thermal disconnection tripping device

· Plug-in module/base design facilitate replacement of a failed module without the need to remove system wiring etc.

· Protection class: Type 2,Class I

· Pole number:4P

· surge areeare used to guard sensitive equipments from voltage spike


LY1-40 series spark gap power surge protector is designed and manufactured according to IEC61643-11 and GB18802.1 standards. The product has high lightning current discharge capacity, up to 50kA (10 350μS), which can prevent direct lightning strikes and other surge current. This product can be mounted on a standard 35mm DIN rail mounting, it has high safety factor and long service life, it can be applied to single-phase or three-phase power supply in the class I lightning protection of equipment and power system with high lightning risk.

- Class II / Type 2 lightning protective device.
- Consisting of a base part and 4 MOV plug-in protection modules.
- For using in the lightning protection zones concept at boundary 1-2.
- The core parts are metal oxide vristor components with high discharge capacity.
- Low residual voltage and quick response
- Reliable control thanks to Thermo Dynamic Control disconnector.
- With remote signaling contact for control device.
- Fault indication via red mark in the inspection window.
- Protection mode: L/N-PE.

Technology characteristic

Product characteristics



Item name

Surge protection

SPD dassification according to EN61643-11

Type 2

power system


Nominal voltage


Max. continuous operating a.c. voltage  Uc


Norminal discharge current (8/20μs)   In


Max. discharge current8/20us       Imax


Voltage protection level                UP

1.3/1.5/1.8 kV

Remote communication alarm


Operating state/ fault indication

green/ red

Cross-section area


For mounting on

35mm Din rail

Degree of protection


Operating temperature range         Tu


Enclosure material

Thermal plastic UL94-V0

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