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CLB-GZDW-32 DC Power Source Screen

CLB-GZDW-32 DC Power Source Screen

CLB-GZDW-32 DC Power Source Screen
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Wall-mounted dc power supply cabinet CLB-GZDW-1A andsmall Dc power cabinet CLB-GZDW-1B are designed for small electrical capacityequipment users, of which the system configuration is composed of monitoringmodule, rectifier module, voltage reduction m


Wall-mounted dc power supply cabinet CLB-GZDW-1A and small Dc power cabinet CLB-GZDW-1B are designed for small electrical capacity equipment users, of which the system configuration is composed of monitoring module, rectifier module, voltage reduction module, the battery inspection module, power distribution unit, accumulator and cabinets. They have the characteristic of “small size, compact structure, wall-mounted installation, occupying less space, simple operation, intelligent management and high efficiency and energy saving.”

·               They are applicable for field of electrical power, communication, transportation, chemical industry, metallurgy, military, medical treatment, construction, fire protection, etc. and users terminal. It can be used as operating power supply and control power supply for high voltage switch, relay protection and automatic device

System features

1)、With two - way AC input automatic switching to ensure the normal operation of the system;
2)、The input voltage with wide range, the power grid is well-adapted;
3)、With HZ-JK01 monitoring, LCD screen, Chinese menu, friendly and plentiful interface, the operation of the keys is simple and convenient;
4)、With comprehensive system setup, operation information inquiry and various alarm functions;
5)、With Intelligent battery charge and discharge management and perfect reliable temperature compensation function;
6)、With the expandable battery inspection module, inspecting batteries up to 22 sections;
7)、The system uses multi-level password authority management to limit the operation of unauthorized personnel and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system;
8)、 The built-in RS232、RS485 communication interface have the function of  operating telemetry, telecontrol, telecommand, tele-regulatingtowards system through background monitoring and remote monitoring to realize unattended operation
9)、Support three communication protocol options of RTU, CDT, MODBUS。

(1) The signal device can be added according to the user's needs to realize the alarm function of accident signal and alarm signal。
(2) The different functions of configuration will vary, please refer to the optional system module function description for more details。

Technical Parameters:


Parameter index

Rated input voltage


PT supply voltage


Rated output voltage


Rated output current


Accumulator capacity


Stabilized voltage precision


Stabilized current precision


Ripple factor


Grid frequency


Power factor

≥0.95% (full load output)

Dielectric strength

10MΩ2KVAC No flashover or breakdown for one minute

Working mode

Work for continuous long- term

Cooling mode

Intelligent temperature control type air cooling, efficient natural cooling

Audible noise


Environmental condition

1)、Altitude: not more than 2000 meters
Environment temperature: -10~+40℃;
Relative humidity: 90(25)
Seismic intensity: not more than 8℃;
Equipment is limited to indoor work with good ventilation;
The room should be free of corrode metal and harmful gases that damage insulation
Install vertical inclination: not more than 5℃;
The micro-controller for noise resistant: 1000V 1μs pulse for 1 minute
With no strong electromagnetic interference and violent vibration

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